Uschi Methods

Inspired by abstract symbolism of both the ancient and modern natural worlds, Uschi's vessels, sconces, platters, etc. are one-of-a-kind ceramic creations made from stoneware, terra cotta, and raku clays. Each work is hand-built employing a slab and coiling technique. The polychromatic surface design is achieved by the use of clay slips and meticulous etching, and burnishing techniques as well as impressions taken from natural materials. After air-drying, the pottery undergoes initial bisque firing in an electric kiln to guarantee uniform hardness. The uniformly clay colored works of art are brought to life during a second outdoor firing by smoke effects caused by a fuel mixture of sawdust, cow dung, and other organic matter. This process is similar to the one practiced for centuries by the Native American Indians. To allow smoke to absorb into the pieces, porosity must be maintained. Consequently, the smoke fired clay vessels are not water tight. The final gilding takes place when the work has cooled.

Uschi's one of-a-kind pieces have become collector's items and are shown throughout the United States and Europe. Special commissions and studio tours can be arranged by making advance reservations